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Our Vision

Telemeet delivers

Secure, flexible meeting place.

Secure communication and storage, combined with recording, transcription and audit trails ensure that meetings are private and available for review. With multiple interaction modes, TELEMEET provides the flexibility required. It enables discussion, sharing, note taking and actions so your meetings are productive.

Built for business.

From scheduling and managing client profiles to note taking and signing documents, TELEMEET provides a uniquely effective tool to conduct business.Integrated business functionality and artificial intelligence allows for great meetings, interviews and audits.

All in one place

Key Features


Team up with your favorite apps

TeleMeet provides multiple modes of interaction. This enables seamless unstructured interactions within structured business processes for getting business done, in digital time.

TeleMeet provides full integration using latest technologies to bring a live interactive experience with the tools you already use as well as custom integration with legacy platforms.

Utilizing our Integration Hub, enterprises can interact with their current enterprise tools (such as Wealth Management Tools, Planning Tools, Electronic Medical Records, Books and Records) in live meetings as part of the same experience, maintaining compliance and e-discovery standards.

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Helps in many industries

Industry Solutions

Tele Advisor

How are you going to help your clients achieve their financial goals. Show your clients their data and financial plans.

Tele Med

Connect with your patients in a new way and share your conversation with your client with their caretakers.

Tele Law

Conduct all of your meetings with your clients online with fully integrated legal solutions.

Tele Ed

Discussions with parents and students that can be transcribed and managed for compliance.

Tele Gov

All audit and review done online. All governing bodies can stay connected to their constituents and with each other in reviewing legislation.

Solutions For Each Industry

We focus on client interactions. Your interation with your client should be driven by technology and all in one location.

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